M Dreams Realty - Smart City Dholera SIR Gujarat | Overview

Smart City Dholera SIR Gujarat is a Greenfield Industrial City planned and Located approximately 100km South West of Ahmedabad.

Dholera Sir: Overview


Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR)

Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR), is a Greenfield Industrial City planned and Located approximately 100km South West of Ahmedabad ( a part of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, DMIC - being developed by Govt. of India), covering around 920 Sq. Km which is even bigger than the world class infrastructure "SENZHEN" - (CHINA).

The Dholera Greenfield Industrial City is envisaged to be a world class destination with efficient infrastructure offering opportunities for setting up of manufacturing units which will help in increasing the industrial output of the country and create jobs (800,000+) besides providing Best environment for work, live , learn and play. DSIR is a planned smart, sustainable community which will be the role model for future cities in India.

Dholera City will have its own Self-Sustaining eco-System consisting of economic drivers through Industrialization, Utility & Logistic Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure including Education, Healthcare and other Public Amenities. Adoption of a sustainable approach across key components such as transportation, waste recycling, overall urban form and resource efficiency form the cornerstones of this Plan.

DMICDC, with the support of the Government of Gujarat, plans to create an Economically and Socially balanced new-age city with world class infrastructure and highest quality-of-life standards with sustainability in the urban form including a sustainable urban transportation system within and mobile/efficient regional connectivity with neighboring cities and the rest of the country.

An International Airport is being developed to the North-East of DSIR by a SPV called Dholera International Airport Company Limited (DIACL). Airport has already received Environmental & Site clearance.


For development of Dholera Sir, The Government of India (through DMIC Trust) and Government of Gujarat (through DSIRDA) formed Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) namely ‘Dholera Industrial City Development Ltd’ (DICDL) on Jan 28, 2016. The SPV comprises of 51% stake of Government of Gujarat through DSIRDA and 49% stake of Government of India through DMIC Trust.

DICDL has been formed with initial capital of Rs. 6000 crore out of which ~Rs. 900 crore has already been released by DMIC Trust against equity contribution for Activation Area work. The equity on part of Goverment of Gujarat through DSIRDA is in form of land, which is allocated to SPV DICDL. DMIC trust already approved the Activation trunk infrastructure project on INR 4400 Crores.

Some of World’s Renowned Companies Doing Work for Dholera SIR:

  • Master Plan - Halcrow (UK)
  • Project Management Company - AECOM (USA)
  • Information & Communication Technology - Wipro
  • Town Planning Development (ROADS & STP) - L & T
  • ABCD Building - Cube Construction Engineering Ltd

The Journey of Dholera #Smart City began in the year 2009. The timeline shows how far we have Come.

Rating for Green City by IGBC

Dholera SIR India’s Largest Greenfield City is planned with self-sustaining eco-system. According to IGBC, Dholera is the Only Single Largest project registered with IGBC and accorded “Platinum” Certification which stands for Global Leadership in Green Cities.


Dholera SIR received the INDIA GEOSPATIAL Excellence Award in 2016 for its prominent and unique application of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), BIM (Building Information Modeling) and SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) in Urban Planning and delivering Smart City.


Dholera Logistic connectivity

Dholera Sir is strategically located between the Industrial cities of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Bhavnagar.

  • AIR: 2 Hr Ahmedabad Airport, 2.5 Hr Vadodara Airport, 15 Min Being Implemented Dholera Airport
  • SEA: 4 Hr Pipava Port, 4.5 Hr Dahej Port, 5.5 Hr Kandla Port, 6 Hr Mundra Port
  • RAIL: 1 Hr Bhavnagar Railway Station, 1.5 Hr DFC, 45 Min Bhimnath
  • ROAD: 100 Kms South West of Ahmedabad, Gujarat's largest City, connected by a 2 lane state highway being expanded to 4 lanes & rapid connectivity by a dedicated corridor with an access controlled 6 lane expressway and Metro Rail (MRTS)

Dholera Sir Industrial City

Dholera Sir Industrial City


Dholera Sir Industrial City

Dholera SIR, TP’s divided in different Zones such as Industrial, Residential, City Centre, Knowledge and IT Park, Solar Park, Public Facilities zone, Sports & Entertainment, High Access Corridor, Green Space and Agriculture etc. for development.


Dholera Sir TP SCHEMES

The Sanctioned Development Plan of Dholera Industrial City comprises of a total land area of 920 sq.km out of which developable area is 567 sq.km since one third area falls within the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) boundary where development is restricted and is as per the CRZ norms. Out of the 567 sq.km the prime agriculture land is preserved and a total area of about 422sq.km is set out for urban development into 6 Town planning schemes and will be developed over 3 phases over a period of 30 years (2012-2042).

Since the entire Development cannot be implemented in one go, a phased approach has been adopted. The Phase I comprises an area of about 153 sq.km constitutes TP1 and TP2 to be Operational by 2022, and Dholera’s Immediate Development Area of Approximately 5600 acres Activation Area of 22.5 sq.km will be Operational by 2019 which would act as catalyst for further investments and will provide a base for taking up development of further phases.

Dholera SIR – Immediate Development

Dholera Sir Immediate Development

The Activation Area has been carved out of TP2E (18 sq km) and part of TP4 (4.5sq.km) based on the maximum availability of Govt. Land. The area has approximately 72 kms of roads and has an optimum mix of land uses with the industrial allocation being the maximum

With World class Infrastructure, DHOLERA SIR city will be operational in 2019 having Industrial Units and a population of 1 Lakh as Stated by L&T, WIPRO, AECOM, DSIRDA, GIDB, DMIC and in Economic Times Realty of 9th June 2016.

Apart from Urban Development, Overall Trunk and External Infrastructure will be developed to support the Development at DSIR. These include the following:

Overall Trunk Infrastructure Projects

External Infrastructure Projects

DHOLERA SIR – Intelligent, Efficient, Connected And Robust Infrastructure A Very First Planned Smart City of India and Dream Project of Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Dholera SIR in Gujarat is Bigger than the Biggest and a New Gujarat within Gujarat.