India's First Hi - Tech City Dholera SIR Smart City in Gujarat

Invest in India's First Hi-Tech Smart City Dholera SIR in Gujarat. Check World Class infrastructure at Dholera SIR Smart City

Dholera Sir: Why to Invest?


  • Biggest Urban Development in World Total Area 920 sq. Kms.
  • Twice the Size of Delhi and 6 Times Larger than Shanghai City of China
  • Out of the 12 BRAND NEW cities of the WORLD, DHOLERA SIR is the Only One in INDIA
  • Part of the World’s 4th Largest & India’s BIGGEST Infrastructure Project DMIC
  • 6 Town Planning to be completed in 3 Phases
  • Developable Area 567.39 sq. Kms.
  • Economic Activities in 377 sq. Kms. will Make it LARGEST EMPLOYMNET GENERATOR
  • High Access Corridor : Residential, City Centre, Industrial, Logistic, Knowledge and IT, Recreation and Sports, & Entertainment.
  • World Class Infrastructure & Connectivity ( ICT Enabled).
  • Central Spine Express Way and Metro Rail to link the SIR with Mega Cities.
  • Asia's Biggest Cargo Airport in Dholera Airport and Sea Port in the Vicinity
  • Eight CORE Industrial Sectors (Aviation, Defense, Steel, Automobile etc)
  • Three Knowledge & IT Zones
  • Six Central Business Districts
  • Road Not Less than 12 Meter Width With in Residential & 18 Meter Width in others Zones
  • Close to Gujarat International Finance City (GIFT CITY)
  • Proximity to Mega Cities :Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, and Vadodara.
  • Full Potential for Private Sector Participation
  • It is also estimated that it will triple the Industrial output and exports from the region will quadruple over the next 5 years.

In short, Dholera SIR is a High-Potential Investment Opportunity for Individuals who want to develop their Businesses in the region or those who want to sink capital purely for Investment purposes and garner a significant ROI.

With a perspective of 5 to 10 years one can safely invest in Dholera SIR and can have fantastic appreciation (multiplication of your money). You can invest in Dholera SIR i.e. Land admeasuring from 10 Vighas and more upto 1000 Vighas (and even more).


Where to Invest ?

Investor has to decide where he wants to invest INSIDE Dholera SIR or Outside Dholera SIR. It is always better to invest Inside Dholera SIR for getting high returns as well as for the world class amenities of Dholera Smart City.

If you want to invest OUTSIDE of Dholera SIR region, then Invest in the close proximity, not more than 500 meters from Dholera SIR limits. High Appreciation of land prices will be INSIDE or in the close proximity of Dholera SIR region only. The projects outside Dholera SIR Region ranging from 1 km to 20 Km are not getting any price appreciation for next 20-30 years.

Investor Guidelines

  • Check the Dholera Town Planning (TP) No and Development Phase number 1 to 3.
  • Check the Zoning certificate issued by the Dholera SIR Authority as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture etc
  • Check the Village Name, Survey No., Original Plot (OP) number and Final Plot (FP) number allotted by Dholera Development Authority.
  • Dholera Sir 920 Sq. KM, 6 Town Planning, Consisting of 22 villages of Dholera Taluka, Ahmedabad . Major Village: Dholera, Badiyad, Gorasu, Sangasar, Hebatpur, Bavaliyari, Otaria, Gogla, Ambli, Rahtalav …
  • DHOLERA SIR TP Scheme/Projects will be developed with world class amenities as per Master plan e.g. Road, Water, Power, Gas etc.
  • Area Outside of Master plan of Dholera SIR boundary is OUTSIDE Dholera. Major Village and Distance: Fedra, Gallops 28 Km Kamiyala: 20Km Navagam (Airport Site:18KmPachchham , Pipli ( 5KM) ,Kasindra, Valinda, Ratanpur
  • NO Direct access to Dholera SIR amenities for Outside Projects. Outside Projects Amenities will have to be developed by Individual developer.
  • Projects OUTSIDE of 6 Town planning Of Dholera SIR will be developed by the individual developers/ builders as per their standard. Government interference to these outside projects is minimal.
  • Halcrow is the DSIR Master Planner & AECOM is the Project Manager, both being World-Renowned Companies. Dholera International Airport is Outside SIR region due to high noise and pollution of flight . TP Scheme is 100% pollution free

Dholera Sir Investor Guidelines

Man who Matters - Views on Dholera SIR

  • CEO-GIDB - "The developments of the DMIC and the SIRs is a certainty and these are historical developments and is happening for the first time in India. The SIRs are going to be global hubs of economic activity. They will not only influence the Gujarat's economy but will impact the Indian economy and the world economy."
  • Mr. Amitabh Kant, MD, DMICDC expressed full support of the Government of India. He stated that the development of Dholera SIR would be a smart eco-city with water recycling, water treatment, mass rapid transit systems and solar energy and will have high quality infrastructure and civic amenities. .
  • Mr. Subhas Thakrar, President of London Chamber of Commerce-Gujarat is a pioneer in big SIR developments. Also London Chamber has entered into a long term MOU with GIDB for co-operation on business exchange.
  • Mr. P.N. Shukla, Director, DFCCIL- Dedicated Fright Corridor development which will be a backbone for the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development and Logistics Parks.
  • MR. Tim Gamon, Director, Halcrow, UK - Essential elements of world class infrastructure have been incorporated in the master planning of the Dholera SIR.
  • Mr. AK Sharma, CEO, GIDB presented the updates on the progress of the Dholera Sir including Government action particularly on allocation of 28000 hectares of land. He also explained the legal framework and the administrative mechanisms put in place for execution of these mega projects
  • Mr. AK Sharma, CEO, GIDB - The legal framework and the administrative mechanisms put in place for execution of these mega projects